Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is SIBF

The Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF) is a non-profit business association founded in 1981.  With affiliated networks in Central Eurasia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, SIBF has over 1000 individuals as members, predominantly from small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some major multinational companies and global professional service firms.  The common thread among SIBF members is that they are all involved in some way with international business.  As a result, SIBF members are globally minded and intellectually curious with a keen interest in understanding world history, culture and geopolitics.  

SIBF’s mission is to connect and educate global business leaders from 40 countries around the world to further their professional and personal success.  In support of that mission, the organization presents an array of experiential executive education programs for members and their families.  Fellows’ International Conferences and business briefings are held in leading international cities around the world – from Hong Kong to Rabat, Berlin to Abu Dhabi.  Through immersion experiences in global business hot spots and cultural centers, members assess opportunities for business growth and broaden their network of global contacts.  SIBF domestic programs include the Annual Summit, held in major North American cities during the fall of each year with three days of business and networking sessions. The 20/20 Leaders Forum and regional briefings present the latest information on international business trends and growth industries.  In addition to the biennial Washington, DC Briefing, recent educational programs have been held in Charleston, New York and Dallas. 

SIBF at a glance: Fact Sheet

What are the benefits of membership in SIBF? 

SIBF offers new ways to learn, connect and grow.  Members gain access to prominent peer networks to share expertise, business best practices, and enriching experiences that foster key business relationships. Click here to view the Benefits of SIBF Membership video.

How can I join SIBF? 

Membership in SIBF is by invitation only.  There are two paths to membership:  a direct path for c-level executives with demonstrated achievement in their careers and a leadership academy path for high-potential professionals.  Visit the APPLY tab for applications.   The Membership Committee is tasked to select the best possible candidates without regard to race, sex, religion or national origin. Community involvement will be considered when prioritizing candidates who are otherwise relatively equal. SIBF is committed to diversity within its membership. 

When is the next membership application deadline?

SIBF Direct Path - November 2, 2018. To learn more please contact Membership Consultant Kathy Payne.

SIBF Leadership Academy Path - More information coming soon. To learn more please contact the SIBF Office.

What is the membership fee? 

The SIBF Direct Path initiation fee is $5,000. Yearly membership renewal is $1,500, processed every January. Note: A $200 processing fee is due with your membership application.   When an application is submitted, SIBF will require a credit card number or check in the full amount of the initiation fee to be held until confirmation of approval. This payment is in addition to the $200 non-refundable application processing fee. 

The SIBF Leadership Academy initiation fee is $8,500 which is due upon acceptance to the Academy. This fee includes room and meals during both sessions. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program sites. Note: A $200 non-refundable application fee is due with your membership application. The yearly membership fee is $750 for the first five years (one-half the Direct Path amount), and $1,500 thereafter.

How are the letters of recommendation processed?

Prospective members are required to submit three letters of recommendation as part of their application. One must come from the new member sponsor and the two others may come from a colleague or other person with knowledge of your professional achievements. Letters may be sent directly from the sponsor/colleague to the SIBF office via mail, fax or email.

Who should I contact for more information about joining SIBF? 

SIBF Direct Path: Kathy Payne, SIBF Direct Path Membership Consultant

SIBF Leadership Academy Path:  Andrea Bednar, VP of SIBF Leadership Academy Development.

How do I login to the member site?

Click on the LOGIN tab in the navigation bar.  Username and password are required.  

Forgot username/password? Email SIBF Communications & Social Media Manager Blake Mundy for assistance.

How do I use the member directory?
Member login is required.  Click on the MEMBER SEARCH option on the navigation bar.  Once in the member directory, you will have two options for search, Basic or Advanced.  
     Basic Search:
          -  Enter the name of the member you are attempting to locate.

     Advanced Search:
          -  Click on the "Advanced Search" link located on the main member directory page.
          -  Check the appropriate box next to the member type.
From here, you may narrow your search to members within a specific group (i.e., state, class, etc.) OR if you are searching for specific criteria (i.e., Countries where business is active), enter the information you are looking for in those fields. 
Click the "Search" button located at the bottom of the page.

How do I register for a program?
Visit the PROGRAMS page for more information. Click on the event link located in the list of programs.  This will take you to the registration page for this specific program.

Click here to view the full program calendar.

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